Since 1993, Execustaff HR, Inc. has partnered with national and international companies to help them manage their HR, payroll, and benefits responsibilities, giving them a distinct advantage in achieving their business profit objectives.

Our goal is to combine experience and technology with award winning customer service, while providing cost-effective HR programs and large company benefits to successful companies. Execustaff HR provides cost effective benefits through aggregation of our large client base to achieve economies of scale. Complex HR, payroll, and benefit responsibilities are simplified.

Our service philosophy is that we never forget the "H" in HR.

Execustaff HR understands that one of your biggest investments is your employees. Our reputation for providing our services "live" on site for all HR functions sets us apart from our competitors. Execustaff HR becomes your HR department and a strategic partnership is established. Your employees always have a live HR professional to help them with all of their needs, thus reducing the administrative time previously spent on these functions.

Execustaff HR's human approach in providing HR services to companies, combined with a world class HRIS management and employee portal, has kept our client retention rate above 96%.

Successful companies recognize that the "Everything HR" model helps them gain back the valuable time they used to spend in managing their complex HR responsibilities. This key difference enables companies to focus on their core business model, thus achieving their goal of increasing their bottom line.



Reasons our clients choose us and choose to stay with us.

  • Dedicated Service Team

    When you or your employees have a question or need immediate guidance, talking directly with a member of your personal team is what you need. Not a call center.

  • High Tech & High Touch

    Technology is great to reduce paperwork and to streamline processes but, a personal human touch is still the best way to deliver our uncompromising service.

  • Flexibility

    We provide as much or as little flexibility as you need. You can customize all levels of your service, from your payroll schedule to your benefit offerings.


Compare the work involved:

Without Execustaff HR:

HR Department – you will need 2-3 staff members for up to 100 employees. Hiring even one person can take upwards of a month as you place an ad, screen and interview the candidates and negotiate their start date. Research shows that it takes three months for a new employee to become a fully functional member of the company.

401(k) – Obtain a broker to design the plan. Pay set up fees, possible back-end termination charges, 5500 filing, annual independent audits, obtain an ERISA bond etc. This could easily take at least two months to research the best possible administrators.

125 FSA – Obtain a Third Party Administrator to design a stand-alone plan. Pay set up fees, discrimination-testing fees etc. Complete 5500 annual IRS filing.

Health Benefits – Obtain a Health Coverage Broker (if your company size is under 50 employees, you will receive rates that vary depending on your employee age). Benefit provider may have minimum participation rates. Set up and administer a Cobra policy etc. This is the biggest time expenditure: usually 3 – 4 months to research, negotiate and implement. Annual open enrollment.

Workers' Compensation – obtain a broker to supply you with coverage. Provide training and claims administration as well as OSHA filing requirements etc.

Payroll – set up in-house payroll solution to administer payroll checks, weekly payroll taxes, and quarterly Federal & State reports. Stay abreast of all new laws and legal regulations

Procedures – establish company policies and procedures and generate employee handbook.

6 Months later – still establishing company policies, setting up benefits, wishing you had outsourced everything.

With Execustaff HR:

HR Department – a 5-person team is instantly allocated to you and will include your senior HR manager, HR associate, Payroll manager, Payroll Associate and Billing Manager. No recruiting or training necessary. Your team develops a personal relationship with you and your employees and provides complete HR services.

401(k) – Execustaff HR includes an employee directed 401(k) employee retirement plan and performs all the plan administration and tax filing. Customized to you with safe harbor options.

125 FSA – Execustaff HR includes a 125 flexible benefit-spending plan, with dependent care, medical expenses and medical insurance premiums included. We also perform plan administration and tax filing.

Health Benefits – Execustaff HR includes large company, cost effective benefit plans, such as health, dental, vision, STD, LTD, Life insurance, and Cobra administration - and we deliver ongoing support to company management and employees regarding benefits concerns and questions.

Workers' Compensation – Execustaff HR includes workers' compensation insurance and performs all associated administrative responsibilities including audit and claims management.

Payroll – Execustaff HR pays your employees, establishes and maintains electronic employee files, employee time off records, and compensation history, anniversaries and personnel actions. We file all payroll reports and taxes. We keep you legal and compliant.

5 Days later – Your company payroll, HR, and benefits are all set up and ready to go!